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Mobility Portal Central Germany

The Mobilitätsportal Mitteldeutschland bundles (real-time) information on traffic in the state - on road traffic as well as pedestrian and bicycle traffic, combined with information on rail and bus. The transport area covers all of Saxony-Anhalt, plus the parts of Saxony and Thuringia that belong to the Mitteldeutschen Verkehrsverbund (MDV).

The rail service is included throughout Germany. The portal provides and links routes for different requirements and means of transport. For example, in road traffic, the current traffic situation is taken into account, including road works and closures, and parking and P+R spaces are displayed. Pedestrians and cyclists, on the other hand, receive routes with references to bicycle parking spaces (B+R) and transitions to trains and buses. This results in "intermodal routing": combined connections in public transport, car and bike, including car and bike sharing.

In addition, there is weather data as well as information on the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and, if desired, overlays on restaurants, parks, shopping or other "points of interest" (POI).