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INSA as an app

What time does my train, bus or tram leave? Just take a look at your mobile phone. INSA delivers all train and bus connections in Saxony-Anhalt as well as the national rail network to your smartphone. With INSA, it's also possible to buy mobile tickets for all transportation in the Marego and MDV networks.


  • Easy trip planning from your current location to a station, stop or address. INSA calculates your best travel connections and automatically finds the most convenient stops near you
  • Mobile tickets for all trains and buses in  the MDV (Leipzig/Halle area) and the Marego network (Magdeburg area)
  • Current departure times for stations and stops at a glance - with real-time forecasts where available
  • Favourites: Reach important destinations and connections with one click
  • Alarm: In the event of a disruption or delay, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet. It's possible to monitor one-time and regular trips

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