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INSA timetable information

Tel.: 0391 5363180

Network maps

Our network maps show you the easiest way around Saxony-Anhalt and the MDV network by train or bus. You'd like to know more? Check out the files below.

Maps and plans for regional trains and busses

  • [Translate to English:] Liniennetzplan

    Network map 326 KB

    Official network map with all lines and stations.

  • Vergabenetze und Verkehrsunternehmen

    Expert version of network map 2 MB

    with additional information about public transport companies and networks as well as information about frequency of trips and timetable routes.

  • Linienverzeichnis

    List of lines 123 KB

    List with all rail bus network lines in of Saxony-Anhalt.

Urban transport

Network maps of transport associations

Further information

The transport companies and associations provide further network maps on their websites.

To the transport companies and associations