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1. Apply for a Subscription

Fill out the following form and take out your D-Ticket subscription with one of our partner companies in Saxony-Anhalt.


What happens to my order?

Your order will be forwarded directly to the selected transport company. After a few days, you will receive a booking confirmation with your subscription number by e-mail. Afterwards, you can conveniently view your ticket in the INSA D-Ticket app. Please note that it may take a few hours after receiving the booking confirmation before the ticket is found in the app.

2. Install the INSA D-Ticket App

With the app INSA D-Ticket, the Deutschland-Ticket comes to your mobile phone. This way you can show it at any time during a check.

  •  Download the app,
  •  log in with your subscription number and e-mail address
  •  and off you go!

The INSA D-Ticket app currently supports seven transport companies from Saxony-Anhalt. You can find more info below in the questions and answers.

Download now:

Hopper-Ticket calculator

With the Hopper-Ticket you can travel cheap and flexible by train.

The Hopper-Ticket is valid for distances of up to 50 tariff kilometres for a one-way trip or a return trip on the same day. It is valid in 2nd class on all local trains in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. You can use the ticket from Monday until Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. the following day, as well as all day on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Find out now which routes and connections you can use with the Hopper-Ticket!

To the Hopper-Ticket calculator (only in German)




You are looking for another ticket? Find the right one for you now on mein-takt.de among the ticket tips!

To the ticket tips on mein-takt.de

Questions and answers about ordering via insa.de

Here at insa.de, you can order your Deutschland-Ticket from the following transport companies in Saxony-Anhalt:

  • Halberstädter Verkehrsgesellschaft (HVG)
  • Verkehrsgesellschaft Salzland (KVG)
  • Jerichower Land Transport Authority (NJL)
  • Altmarkkreis Salzwedel mbH Personenverkehrsgesellschaft (PVGS)
  • Stendal bus

In principle, you can buy your Deutschland-Ticket from any transport company. If the transport company of your choice is not on the list, please visit mein-takt.de/d-ticket for more information.

Saxony-Anhalt created the ordering option via insa.de to enable all transport companies in the state to sell the Deutschland-Ticket. The transport companies that have taken up this offer are those that do not yet have the necessary technology to provide the ticket digitally, as required by the Federal Government.

In principle, you can buy your Deutschland-Ticket from any transport company. If your preferred partner is not on the list, please visit mein-takt.de/d-ticket for more information.


Our partners here at insa.de generally offer the Deutschland-Ticket as a mobile phone ticket, which you can display in the INSA D-Ticket app. If you prefer a paper ticket with a QR code, please choose one of the following transport company

  • Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Jerichower Land (NJL).

The paper ticket will be replaced by a smart card after a transitional period.

Unfortunately, the developer of the INSA app was not able to implement the sale or display of the Deutschland-Ticket in the existing app at short notice. In order to enable the transport companies in the state to make the Deutschland-Ticket digitally available to their passengers, we have decided to develop our own app for this purpose.

The INSA D-Ticket App can display the mobile phone tickets of the following transport companies:

  • Halberstädter Verkehrsgesellschaft (HVG)
  • Harzer Verkehrsbetriebe (HVB)
  • Verkehrsgesellschaft Salzland (KVG)
  • Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe (MVB)
  • Jerichower Land Transport Company (NJL)
  • Public transport Altmarkkreis Salzwedel (PVGS)
  • Stendalbus GmbH

The app also displays Germany tickets that you did not order here via insa.de, but directly from one of the transport companies listed above.

After receiving your subscription number, it can take several hours for the transport companies to make the data technically available for the INSA D-Ticket app. Please be patient. If the error persists, please contact the transport company.

Some transport companies, e.g. Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe, will give you both a customer number and a separate subscription number (Abo-Nummer). Please note that you must use the subscription number to log in.

Cancel your Deutschland-Ticket subscription

You can cancel your Deutschland-Ticket subscription taken out via insa.de here:

Cancelation (only in German)

Questions and answers about the D-Ticket in Saxony-Anhalt

The national tariff regulations for the Deutschland-Ticket stipulate that a regular bicycle ticket must be purchased in order to take a bicycle with you if a charge is made for taking a bicycle on the journey in question. Consequently, the Deutschland-Ticket does not provide for the possibility of taking a bicycle with you on a journey.

Existing regulations in Saxony-Anhalt on the free transport of bicycles remain unaffected. For example, bicycles can be taken free of charge on local trains and buses in Saxony-Anhalt.

The Deutschland-Ticket is valid on the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railway (except the Drei Annen Hohne - Brocken line), the Rübeland Railway (with steam surcharge1), the Dessau-Wörlitz Railway and the Wipperliese.


1The special train surcharge of €8 applies per (consecutive) special journey, whereby the entire journey counts as a special journey (e.g. Blankenburg - Rübeland and back, D-ticket holders only pay €8 instead of €20).


There are no plans to introduce a discounted Deutschland-Ticket for certain groups of people in Saxony-Anhalt.


The Deutschland-Ticket is only valid in 2nd class. In some regions, however, it is possible to travel in 1st class with the appropriate add-on transitional tickets. This depends on the tariff regulations of the local transport companies and transport associations. In Saxony-Anhalt, the Deutschlandtarif, the Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV) and the marego network offer 1st class transitional tickets. They are available both as single tickets and as season tickets and must be purchased separately.

In principle, the federal and state governments want the Deutschland-Ticket to be offered digitally, i.e. via an app or on a chip card. Transport companies that are not yet able to offer such a digital ticket due to the unavailability of chip cards sometimes issue the ticket as a digitally verifiable paper ticket with a QR code.

If the Deutschland-Ticket is currently only available as a paper ticket, please contact your subscription partner to find out if there are any restrictions on its use.

In Saxony-Anhalt, the following transport companies are currently also offering the Deutschland-Ticket as a paper ticket:

  •     Dessauer Verkehrsgesellschaft (DVG)
  •     Hanseatische Eisenbahn GmbH (HANS)
  •     Verkehrsgesellschaft Salzlandkreis (KVG)
  •     Nahverkehrsgesellschaft Jerichower Land (NJL)


Further questions and answers about the Deutschland-Ticket

The Deutschland-Ticket costs €49 per month.

The Deutschland-Ticket was introduced on 1 May 2023.

The Deutschland-Ticket is valid for any number of 2nd class journeys on local and regional trains throughout Germany during the validity period. It is not valid on long-distance trains and buses (IC, EC, ICE, FlixTrain, FlixBus, etc.). Regional regulations apply to 1st class travel.

No, the Deutschland-Ticket is only available as a subscription. However, the subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

The Deutschland-Ticket is a new and additional offer. Existing subscriptions will not be automatically converted and can be kept. This may be useful if they contain special transport conditions or are transferable.

Most transport companies and associations offer a smooth transition to the Deutschland-Ticket. Customers will be informed by their subscription centre on how to proceed.

Employers have the option of making the Deutschland-Ticket available to their employees as a job ticket. If they provide a subsidy of at least 25 percent of the ticket's issue price, an additional discount of five percent of the issue price is granted.

The subscription is for an indefinite period and can be cancelled on a monthly basis. Cancellations must be made by the tenth of the month to take effect at the end of the calendar month.

No. As the Deutschland-Ticket is a subscription, a bank account is required to pay for the ticket on a monthly basis.

Many transport companies offer the option of buying a subscription at their customer centres.

No, the Deutschland-Ticket is personal and non-transferable.

The Deutschland-Ticket's nationwide tariff regulations stipulate that a regular ticket must be purchased in order to take a dog on a paid journey. It is therefore not possible to travel with a dog on a Deutschland-Ticket.

Tariff organisations may offer upgrades to the existing Semester Ticket. To find out whether your Semesterticket can be upgraded, please contact your university or the Semesterticket contract partner.

No. The Deutschland-Ticket can also be applied for and used by people living outside Germany. However, you must have a current bank account in a member state of the European Union.